Things to know before understanding the betting strategies

Though one may not believe it or might feel it be strange, it has turned out in many cases that mathematics and casino games are closely related. Which shouldn’t be a surprise as math permeates every aspect of life and thus gambling could not have had been an exception here . Though, there are separate rules and logic which must be followed.

Though everyone is very much aware that the house will always have an advantage over the players, one can always decrease the percentage of the casino’s edge and increase their own chances of winning.

Many players use different betting strategies to allow them to neutralize the house’s edge and accumulate more winnings by complying with the system which is being followed.

For each strategy, there is a suitable betting strategy.

There are some systems which are more universal and need not be used for any specific game, or can be used in more than one games. However, because of the existence of so many betting systems, applying the right betting system for the right game is important.

Before you get into understanding the betting strategies and implementing them, bear it in mind that these betting strategies are not perfect or hundred percent effective. Despite the flaws, these systems can help players to generate more winnings.

So, before getting started, one must understand the system completely and then prepare themselves accordingly before using the strategies in a real casino game.

Betting strategies can be divided further into two basic types. Positive Progression Strategies and Negative Progression Strategies. Positive Progression Strategies are the ones where the player must increase the amount of their bet if they are winning and then lower the bets when they lose.

It is advised to increase the bets slowly with each win and decrease the amount of money to the absolute minimum allowed with a loss. This system is popular in card games like blackjack, dice games and in different roulette variations.

Negative Progression Strategies follows the exact opposite principle to the Positive Progression strategy where on winning, the player should decrease the amount of their bet and on losing, the bet should be increased. There are many systems which revolve around this strategy and include D’Alembert’s, Martingale’s, and Fibonacci.

Let us understand the systems better:

  • The D’Alembert’ssystem is one of the simpler betting systems where one may start with deciding one base unit. This could be any amount depending on the player, but preferably not more than 5% of the total bankroll, though many would suggest 2-3%. The player must stake exactly one base unit on the first wager of any cycle;
  • In this game following a loss, the player must increase his stake by one base unit while in case of a win, the player must decrease his stake.


The Martingale’s system is one of the oldest and most well-known betting systems. In this strategy, one must double the stake in every loss while staking one base unit after every win.

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